“…Finally the unconscionable factor of the industry
turning a deaf ear to a Thoroughbred’s fate when its
usefulness and productivity ceases…humane efforts of
this nature should be commended, recognized and
supported by an industry which heretofore has been
derelict in their responsibilities and needs an awakening
call.” (with reference to industry attitudes.)
James E. Bassett, Chairman, Keeneland Association

“A worthy cause…John Hettinger isn’t alone in his effort
to protect ex-racehorses from going to the slaughter
house…the days of ignoring the plight of former racehorses
are over. Industry leaders are beginning to speak
loud and clear and take action on this important issue.”
Ray Paulick, Editor The Blood-Horse

“As representatives of companies that have sold horses
for decades, it is our belief that the Thoroughbred does
not belong in the human food chain…we have
resolved to institute an upset price of $1,000 at all our
broodmare and paddock sales…to discourage so
called ‘Killer Buyers.’”
All auction houses that sell Thoroughbreds in North America

“As an industry we have the inherent responsibility to take
care of the athletes that make it all possible. Not only when
they are winning but in the many years that follow.”
Bill Casner, Co-Owner, Win Star Farm

“It is ironic that an industry comprised of horse lovers
tolerates the inhumane killing of Thoroughbreds in the
slaughter houses. I hope that many more owners will
consider retiring horses (those without residual breeding
value) while they are sound enough to be productive in
other equestrian activities. Far too often racehorses producing
minimal revenue are run into the ground,
crippled, unable to perform elsewhere, and inhumanely
destroyed. We are building rehabilitation facilities
across the country, and owners need to be aware that
there are kind alternatives.”
Reiley McDonald, Partner, Eaton Sales, Lexington,

“At the end of his life he should be retired, adopted, or
humanely euthanized if no better solution can be
found. Anything else makes a mockery of the words
which for centuries have been used to describe our
game…sport of kings.”
John Hettinger, Executive Committee, Fasig-Tipton Co. Inc

“This is the twenty first century and the USA is a civilized
country and the greatest country in the world.
The slaughter of horses is barbaric and those who want
to slaughter horses should go live among the barbarians.”
Nicholas P. Zito, Trainer of two Derby winners in the

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